Spiritual Warrior Training

Mandala: Completed?
Image by anselm23 via Flickr

I just received notice about Leslie Temple Thurston’s new website Corelight which is really beautiful and infused with positive energy. I listened to the Conscious Awareness Meditation this morning and it was very sweet and powerful. I recommend this as a great daily meditation if you are looking for a guided meditation practise. I will definitely be using it again.

On the same page Leslie has gifted the Impeccability session of her Spiritual Warrior training as a free download, both as audio and written files here. I listened to the audio and found it gave me a boot to attend to some issues where my life is less than impeccable! Check it out and let me know how you find it.




One thought on “Spiritual Warrior Training

  1. Hi… I’m Anselm23, and I’m delighted to see my mandala being used in connection with this post about Spiritual Warrior-ship. I hope that the event went well, and that you are moving forward. I also really appreciated the post on the 12 female archetypes; I may try to do a mandala on that someday…

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