Salt Baths


I’m just having a conversation with Lucia Rene’sWomen Standing in Their Power‘ group on Facebook about clearing the energy field. There are lots of methods, some of which I recommend to clients after energy sessions or whenever they feel the need. One simple method is the tried and trusted Salt Bath. Salt alkalises your field and increase the negative ions which get depleted living in dense industrial city habitats and need recharging. Remember how good it feels when you’ve been swimming in the sea? And it’s not for nothing that spa towns developed around springs and waters rich in salts and other minerals, recommended for recuperation after illness.

I typically use a couple of handfuls of pure crystal sea salt on a routine basis, – ‘Tidmans Bathing Salt’ is good and cheap and available in the bathing section of Holland and Barratt and some supermarkets. You can also use rock salt, but not Table Salt which is pure sodium chloride. I’m adding below the advice I have followed and learned from in my training and my own healing journey.

This is from my ‘Healing the Light Body’ energy medicine training with the Four Winds Society:

Salt baths: These help to continue the release of heavy energy from the luminous body. Use one cup of sea salt (best without added iodine) plus one cup of bicarb. of soda in a hot bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes. Use this time to meditate and intentionally allow more release. Maybe light some candles and play relaxing music. Then rinse with fresh water. Do not let anyone else use the salt water. This is best done just before bed. Low alcohol during this time. Typically these are repeated every other day for the week following your session, but continue the baths beyond a week if you feel it would be helpful.’

For heavy-duty situations, here’s what the healer, therapist and scientist Barbara Ann Brennan recommends:

‘One of the best ways I know to clear the field is to take a bath in sea salt and baking soda. You can use as much as one pound of each in a tub of water. This is a strong solution, so it tends to deplete your energy. But if you have picked up a lot of negative energy or have accumulated a lot of lot vibratory energy from an illness, it is a good idea to try it this strong. Be sure that the water is not too hot. You will not be able to take the water as hot as you usually do without the salt and soda. If you have trouble with low blood pressure, be very careful because in some cases people have been known to faint in this bath, and you don’t want to take a chance with that. If you get dizzy, get out of the bath and try with cooler water. Soak for 20 minutes in the tub. Then lie in direct sunlight for 10-20 minutes to recharge your field. Use sunscreen. You will be surprised at how much cleaner and clearer you feel after such a bath. …It is nice to accompany your bath with music and candlelight. If you do this you can go into a deep healing state and do some visualisations during your bath.’ p.120, Light Emerging, Barbara Ann Brennan.

Personally, I just use my instinct, if I’m feeling heavy I will put half a box of salt in, or maybe just a couple of handfuls, and maybe bicarb. of soda if I have it in stock. Other things work too, like cider vinegar, tho not so enjoyable for me. Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate) are famously used (in the UK at least) for this purpose and as a detox and muscle relaxant but I find they irritate my skin so I avoid them.

Experiment and see what works for you.

Let me know how you get on.

Munay, Rosalind


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