100 things to do before you die? 1-10

Dr. Brian Swimme
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Maybe its sign of crone-dom but every now and then i have a moment, usually one of those when I’m wondered why I’m on the planet, of what are the things I really want to do, that if I knew I was going to die tomorrow, or in 6 months time, I would regret not having done?

Dave Freeman created a whole travel guide from this question ‘100 Things to Do Before You Die’ and a cursory glance through it suggests that despite being a Saggitarian, I am not much of an aspirant outward traveller. More of an inward traveller maybe.

Certainly, the beginnings of my own list tends towards inner journeying. I think I might be hard pushed to find 100 things I want to do, since I don’t seem to be the kind of person with that kind of wish list, but I’m going to make a start here.

1. First on my list, which I’m glad to report I will be doing on Friday, is going on Mindfulness Retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh.

2. Second would be to meet Pema Chodron, another buddhist teacher, this time in the Tibetan Shambala tradition.

3. Third up would be to meet Brian Swimme, (pictured) the great mathematical cosmologist.

4. Fourth I think would be to work again with Genpo Roshi on a Big Mind, Big Heart retreat.

5. Fifth is to work with Lucia Rene in a workshop on Unplugging the Patriarchy. This one is definitely in the pipeline in my work with Catherine Barnard and our Women of Becoming project.

6. Sixth would be….now I’m running out of steam a bit….maybe I need to go and do these before I get any more?…

Ok Sixth would be to support other women in unplugging from the patriarchy at this crucial time in history. I feel like I am already beginning to do some of this, and noticing that more women on their spiritual path are finding their way to me.

7. Seventh….ummm…would be to generate enough income to be able to follow my dharma path and not be worrying about finances.

8. Eighth would be to live somewhere beautiful, among a network of people with shared interests and access to beautiful sustainable fresh food and community.

9. Ninth, Im realising that this is basically a wish list….ok, so ninth would be to find a soul mate who has done his inner feminine work.

10. Tenth would be to feel like I am making a worthwhile contribution while I’m on the earth.

Whew, well that was all even harder than I thought…

Be interesting to try the next 10, that could be a while before I have another go.

Whats on YOUR list of things to do before you die?

Happy days



One thought on “100 things to do before you die? 1-10

  1. seems like a good thing to have a go at while I can’t sleep!
    1. set up in private practice
    2. have children (yes, plural)
    3. acheive mastery in a martial art
    4. get my degree
    5. …MA
    6. …PhD
    7. aaaaaaaaarggggghhhhhhhhhh ok find a soul mate.
    8. hmmmmm this one is a bit unclear. Not sure if my idea for a therapuetic service outdoors is my own private practice or a charity I need to set up
    9. Find peace with my family, all of them.
    10. and finally, peace with myself. maybe that should be number one. having it as number ten makes it a bit conditional on all the others.

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