Maintaining balance in turbulent times

Since the summer solstice, a lot of people have been experiencing turbulence in their lives, including myself. I am often asked for advice on how to look after yourself to maintain equilibrium. Here are a few obvious reminders that never seem obvious when we are in the midst of turbulence!

  • Giving time to yourself to rest, relax, nurture yourself, sleep
  • drinking plenty of pure water.
  • minimising the toxic load from chemicals in your home
  • eating light, well nourishing pure foods, fruit and vegetables from all colours of the rainbow
  • moving your body: yoga, tai chi, chi kung, 5 rhythms dance etc are all helpful
  • spending time being still, quiet, or engaging in your personal practices of meditation, prayer, breathing, etc
  • maintaining daily gratitude and appreciation practices
  • engaging in your creative practices
  • spending some time daily resetting your energy field by reconnecting and sourcing from nature, the elements, the source of life:

Earth- mountains, landscapes, trees, plants, flowers

Water- rivers, seas, baths

Wind- fresh air, oxygen

Fire- sunlight, fires, candles. Feed your energy field with the elements.

  • taking sea/rock salt baths, clears heavy energy and increases negative ions.
  • Spending time in environments and with people who support your wellbeing and your highest vibration; notice when you feel heavy/drained, off centre and when you feel energised, joyful, and following that.
  • Reclaiming your power: where are you needing to say NO, or YES in your life? Who do you need to say ‘I’m sorry, or I love you, or thank you, or I forgive you’, to?…- including saying all these things to yourself and mother earth.

Learn to listen to the wisdom of your bodymind, allow it to rest, sleep and self heal.

Remember your bodymind is naturally self-healing when it is in balance. It is always seeking to rebalance and telling you where it is stuck. Energy work unblocks the flow of energy and brings us back to balance, helps us remember our healed state.

On occasion you may find you have uncomfortable reactions arising as the bodymind eliminates old energies and your energy comes more into alignment. It can be useful to have a bottle of Bush Flower ‘Emergency’ Essence handy for acute times.

Listen within to what you need to maintain equilibrium.

These are some of the things that work for me.

I’d love to hear what works for you.


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