Birthing Women of Becoming…

Old engraving of Mother Shipton.
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Women of Becoming is a very new gathering of women. It has arisen from a collaborative inquiry between Catherine Barnard and myself around evolving feminine consciousness. It is literally evolving as it defies pinning down…every time I think I have words for it, it morphs…it arose out of a strong energy arising in us towards taking one small step towards sharing what we know and holding space with other women. The intent being to invoke and allow the divine feminine wisdom to emerge within and between us at what seems to be a pivotal time in the history of the universal masculine and feminine.

It has become clear to us that there is a synergy we were beginning to acknowledge that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts when we were together. It also seemed clear that we could do some work together, we did not know what, it seemed more important to find out than to know. So for the last 7 months or so we have been getting together, in person, by phone, on skype, on facebook, with a focus of Women on the Edge, Women of Becoming, Women Co-Creating…..

From the start we have invoked the intent of Women of Becoming and invoked our women ancestors and the divine feminine energies to inform us. We have each been called to join with various energies, of our local places, Knaresborough and Dewsbury, the elements and ancestors. Ursula Southeil, Mother Shipton; the River Nidd, St Robert’s Cave, the River Calder, the ancestors of Joshua Ellis Mills, the goddess Ninkasi, the isle of Kerrera, the gathering of HEN and The Invitation at Oasis, all of these and more have nourished us on our journey. We have drawn on and woven our different paths around transpersonal work, shamanic medicine, zen, deep memory process work (DMP), and many other learnings from our varied backgrounds. We have also been seeking out women role models and teachers who might have something to contribute and we have found a wealth of wise women already out there sharing their wisdom and available to support us all.

The time now seems right to start widening our focus and issuing a further invitation to widen the circle of women.

One of my own passions is to share information, skills and resources so that we can all make the best choices for ourselves on our own path. We want to do would like to do this with a focus now around bringing forth the possibilities for evolving consciousness for women at this time in the service of all. Supporting women standing in their power, to coin Lucia Rene’s phrase, seems to be a strong part of our calling at this time.

So this is to let you know where we are at right now and hope to be, with whatever offering that might emerge from that, be it sharing email or facebook information, offering workshops, gatherings, meditations, who knows what might arise as the energy and focus evolve.

So if you are reading this, our question to you now is, does any of this speak to you? Would you like to be kept informed of things that come our way with this focus? Would you like to enter this portal of energy and say yes to your own becoming, evolving, standing in your power and wisdom? Would you like to contribute?

If so, please join us in our next step of birthing a gathering of Women of Becoming, initially at the energetic and virtual level,

on our FACEBOOK page:

Women of Becoming

where we will be posting items that inspire us, and we invite you to do the same.

To receive occasional information by EMAIL

just email us with Women Of Becoming MAILING LIST in the title header and we will add you to our mailing list.

To those who are interested, we look forward to connecting in whatever way.

Women of Becoming


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