After the Solstice…Re-connecting to the earth

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On 24th June I had a very powerful vision, following the midsummers eve gathering. I woke feeling heavy and stuck and went immediately to my meditation cushion and sat until I felt clearer. It wasnt long before I was drawn back to the cushion with more to attend to. I realised I was facing death. A strong desire to die and leave the pain body came up and I welcomed it in and sat through the energy of it. I worked with the fear of death also and found some relief, but not for long. Eventually after most of the day taken in processing in one way of another, I noticed a strong energy around my head, I decided to have a salt bath and ended up doing more processing in the bath. I worked with my relationship to food and my desire to consume – eating, cooking, shopping, buying stuff and how I want to have everything. Then I worked with my fear of consuming and how much its hurting the earth, all the consumption. At this point something broke through in my belly and some strong energies started to move around, into my head and my hands. My hands are still vibrating now with the afterglow, as if some blocked energy has been restored. I got a really strong vision of a store/centre where food, drink, and other products were for sale, all sustainably sourced. It was more than a shop, more like a community focal point, with a cafe, books, a meeting room upstairs, small rooms for healing, therapy, dmp, mediation, etc. Women milling about, communing. The goddess Demeter was very present tho I dont know much about her. The point about the centre is that is was a HUB and it was PLUGGED IN. By that I mean plugged in to key networks, say Transition Towns movement, Soil Association, and many others and acted as a gateway, PORTAL to access services and values that people already hold but dont yet know how to put into practice.
So it’s totally pristine energy, from suppliers through to profits, from design through to delivery. Its designed to raise the vibration of all who enter and purchase, whether its for hummus or healing.

I’ve seen many places with these kinds of aspirations that never quite pull it off and it seems to me its crucial to be totally aligned and in right relationship to the earth and the vision for it to work.

I scanned the horizon and I could see that it would need to be somewhere where there was enough high vibrating energy already to sustain it. I could see it in Knaresborough or Harrogate or similar. When the energy started to settle I said that if this was in my path and for the planet I would hand it over to mother divine to facilitate its creation.


6 thoughts on “After the Solstice…Re-connecting to the earth

  1. Hi Rosalind

    Wow…..I love the website the colours and design are beautiful….it’s the first time I have visited.

    This is a very nice vision Rosalind, I can also see that it is something you could facilitate easily and definitely something that would be part of a New Earth. In the past two days I have received two books via Amazon, the first is Divine Nourishment by Mary Lane and I was going to send you an e-mail about it after catching up with Facebook whereupon I clicked onto your site to read the rest of your post! Divine Nourishment is an interesting mixture of Mary’s journey around food, conceived as a conjoined twin her sister died in the womb and she was placed in a plaster cast from neck to ankles after her birth! She talks about her abuse of food, using the five elements nutritionally, contact with the spirits of different foods, some recipes and has a most interesting take on the two Mary’s (Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene) which I think you would thoroughly enjoy. Mary is also of the same opinion as Lucia regarding the masculine and feminine…..

    As we explore the wounding of the feminine we must consider that at one point many thousands of years ago the collective decided to find out what would happen if we were to repress the feminine energy. What would it look like… with the balance of feminine energy……we suffer from this energy of waiting caused by inherent shame, we feel left behind.

    I also received another book today, Amazing Grace by David Wolfe and Nick Good. I bought this one just because I liked the sound of the title! Having flicked through it I am feeling “well guided”. Both books have references to Hawaii and Food, wondering if this is a hint and time to chill in Hawaii! Amazing Grace refers to Ormus elements aka Mana in Huna meaning All Power comes from Within, seems it’s in food and having read a little about Ormus elements on the net I am hoping this book will explain this a little more clearly! There are other references via Huna such as suggesting we replace Hello with Aloha as this means “To love is to share the happiness of the breath of life.”

    I have been working this week! A friend of mine Rose, takes in learning difficulty people for respite care and last week her husband broke his leg. So I am doing the daytime shift for the next three weeks. Rose lives at Staintondale near Ravenscar has a field of “pet” lambs and chickens roaming around, it’s lovely. The guy I am looking after, John, has got used to me now and Will Not Shut Up…..Lol xxx

  2. Brilliant! How synchronistic…the Divine Nourishment book looks excellent, have ordered my copy now! I was also just looking at the Tassajara Cook book, a zen centre famous for its food and cooking. Think you could pull off this vision but no doubt you have a vision of your own. Im noticing how it is already manifest in lots of ways…a fantastic Sourced Market on St Pancras Station when I was coming home from Iwona’s…beautiful fresh food locally sourced, coffee, meals, takeaway, grocery, green grocery, beers, wines, amazing.

    Sounds like you are having fun working. Im all quiet again since the beer festival, who knows what next? …….xxx

  3. Neil and I also talked about opening a community based centre with a cafe in Bollington using local produce, providing childcare facilities, courses on yoga etc. For me I sense the future is local with a global link and a smattering of starlight. There is a book called One No many Yesses…’s about World Bank etc. colluding with Big Corps over buying water, etc. etc. The positive side was how the displaced Mexicans banded together with some Church people and reclaimed some of thousands of acres of their land back from the big land owners. Then these communities linked up and shared information about healing with herbs, gardening etc. Technology wired to the Land!

    I loved the community sky garden at Crouchend……all these inspirational projects. I was going to do a Transition Town workshop in London to bring some of these concepts “up North” but I couldn’t book it because two people from one town have to attend the course!

    Meanwhile courgettes on the menu from Carolyn’s veggie garden and here’s what happened:-

    Cpurgette and Spinach Pasta with Tarragon and Cream Sauce

    Fry medium onion with garlic (to taste)
    Add courgette, spinach and fresh or frozen peas
    Add a teaspoon of tarragon and cook until courgette soft and spinach wilted
    Add cream or yogurt to taste and serve with pasta!

    Alternatively add some cooked new potatoes and stock, c’est voila Courgette and Spinach Soup…..xx

  4. How interesting, I don’t recall you or Neil mentioning it like this at Bollington, Ive always gravitated towards these kind of spaces, I guess I was brought up with them, my mother being vegetarian and into yoga etc. Looks like your nearest transition town is York. Knaresborough is mulling it over and Hebden Bridge is fully fledged.

    Mmm, yummy recipe, thank you, I must try this, but will have to buy the veggies! Used to have an allotment tho Im not a gardener, nothing like veggies straight from the land….xxx

  5. Have just read your posting Rosalind and your replies Carolyn. Al of these issues have been in my thoughts, albeit slightly different reasons. So much is changing, I have shed so much these past months, big changes how I am “being” in the world, that I sometimes don’t recognise myself
    FOOD, all my life this has played such a huge part of my life, I always cooked shed loads of food and could’nt think of anything nicer than sit around a table with lovingly prepared food, colourful, nourishing and nurturing, and lots of people to share. even on my world travels, my first destination was colourful markets, bring back baskets of vegetables, fish, salads, and have huge bowls stacked with red peppers, aubergines, artichokes, they took over vases of flowers in my rented cottage, villa, apartment………… in 2002 I took on an allotment it was huge and for four years I tended it lovingly, each seed, seedling , plant were like miracles………….. I needed solitude and a space away form everything I know and I so looked forward to sitting outside my little shed with the old boy next who had chickens on the adjacent allotment and share growing stories. As you can imagine my allotment was “designed” and caused quite a storm as I was the only woman allotment holder at the outset. I knew growing food, healthy food and sharing it was the way to go. Then the hoffman process and fourwinds took over my life, I met so many different people, many new teachings that life became full, until now. NOw if find myself giving away all my cooking stuff, bowls, platters because I dont cook anymore, only for myself, and even then I now eat out most of the time……………… This is such a huge change.
    COMMUNITY – only yesterday I passed a shop called the community cabin, although it looked just like any other “charity, jumble” store, its set my mind thinking. And today was discussing with my son, how a an old factory building would be ideal space for community exchange/ recycling of goods, large trestle type tables with huge bowls of fresh raw food, prepared with love, classes for cooking, gardening and growing, book exchanges, talks, workshops, classes on how to turn recycled goods to give them a new lease of life, a community of like minded people sharing, exchanging, supporting, educating………….
    I am getting rid of “things” that don’t serve me anymore, Maybe I am realising that all my possession are about me, and I want my live to be about so much more. Love the sauce carolyn, tarragon deliicous herb,

  6. Carol, this is awesome, beautiful visions of vitality. It’s what I love about blogs is that we can build a conversation and put things out in the ether to weave the web of ideas and visions. It reminds me that nothing is personal…we pull all our visions through from the collective consciousness according to our particular channels of openings and we do not own them, they are gifts to be shared and multiplied. It does seem that the time is now for women to reclaim the source of nourishment and power. I’ve written something in todays blog about bread and how we need to reclaim its sustenance. The industrialisation of food production is one of the means by which we have become disconnected from the earth.

    May we continue to weave our reconnection to mother earth.

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