Happy New Year!

Dear friends,

Happy new year!

This year I thought i would write a review of what’s been happening and circulate it. Then i had the bright idea to do it on my new wordpress blog – unused since I set it up two months ago….so here goes:

The last year has been difficult, exciting, testing, mindblowing, frightening, liberating….you get the idea…shall I stop now?

It feels like it started around last November when i returned from the North direction of the medicine wheel on my Four Winds Healing the Light Body training. In the North direction of the Medicine Wheel you spend a week exchanging soul retrieval work. By the time i drove home I felt so full of light that I didn’t feel a need to eat for days. At the same time, my daughter Sarah was launching her new bar, the Cellar Bar in Batley and I was helping out….we had a 3 day party and I drank alchohol for England with the best of them. It felt like I really couldn’t tolerate feeling so full of light so I was in full swing with the sabotage. As I engaged with what was going on at the mythic level, I realised i could feel the pull of the cords to alcohol and the ancestral patterns. I was also becoming aware of other things which needed to be let go. One was the teaching I was still doing- albeit very part time now, at Leeds Met University on the MA client-centred psychotherapy, a course I had helped to develop 8 years ago. Another was the need to let go of the beautiful house I am living in at Lychgate.

Well, I have cut the cords to the alcohol, resigned from the job, and the house is still holding me until other things come into alignment. I havent missed the alcohol at all, ‘tho i have forced down a half a bitter at the monthly CAMRA committee meetings until I resign in the New Year :). The teaching ended with a group residential at Holyrood house in Thirsk with my friend and colleague Sheila and the second cohort, finishing on the Saturday night with a small group of us sharing the munay-ki healers rite. So it was a beautiful transitional way to end for me and I will remember the group fondly for that. So thanks to Sheila and the MA CCP 2 group for the experiences of the last 3 years.

It does feel like the the next 7 year cycle of life, the shamans talk of time being cyclical, and our task being to being to bring each cycle of time to completion. I feel like thats what I have been doing for the last year. I have said sorry to all the people in my life I needed to apologise to, either literally, where possible, or energetically. I have faced many of my resentments towards people and forgiven those people I have felt resentment towards.

I have continued to expand and shift the direction of my private practise, shifting the emphasis from counselling, psychotherapy to more shamanic energy healing, mentoring, and offering the munay-ki rites to individuals and groups.

In January 2008 I kicked off the new year at a Munay-Ki rites workshop, learning the give the healing rites I had recieved as I went around the medicine wheel. I knew at the end of it that I really wanted to share the rites and came home full of enthusiasm, starting putting together flyers and information…after about a week I had run out of steam and did not pick this up again fully until much later in the year…in the meantime I realised I needed to ask Josie Poulter to work with me and began the process of passing on the rites to her. Josie then assisted with giving the rites in the first class we ran in September and Josie then helped to co-ordinate in sharing the rites to new groups.

In April I did my East class, the final medicine wheel class and experienced the death rites, taking the spirit flight (out of body experience). The next few months proved uncomfortable whilst I continued the process of dying to my old self. It culminated much to everyones suprise, not least mine, with me changing my name after doing the death rites on my old name. It seemed like the old me couldnt make it any further and i did grieve for her. Finding my true name has been quite dramatic, I really have found a new lease of life. As soon as my name showed up in July, I suddenly had lots of energy and motivation and ideas. I immediately found a new business name, earth’s imagination… and proceeded to develop the munay-ki classes i had been inspired by in January.  The first class started in September, as an evening class, followed by a Saturday workshop in Baildon, then a Friday workshop here at Lychgate. I began to have powerful rushes of energy and ideas, dreaming of a network of people across the north of England and beyond who had recieved the rites, all interconnecting with people assisting in other groups. Next came the realisation that I had to set up the www.munay-ki.co.uk website as a virtual network to continue weaving the web. The domain name had been available since April and I had not felt able to respond at that time, but in October I took on the domain name, and found a sympathetic website designer in Katie Bickerdike and within a couple of weeks had a first draft basic website up and running. Phase 2 of the site to make it more interactive will begin in the new year.

In the midst of all this buzz, I have also been tired and several times physically wiped out after sharing the rites as my body caught up with my luminous energy body. In August I went up to Barrow in Furness to stay with a friend, Krog and spent some time by the sea as well as visits to Ulverston.

There is lots more I could say but it will have to wait.

The year ended on a high note with a beautiful winter solstice fire gathering here at Lychgate, with Ria doing a great job as fire keeper and Joanna providing the beautiful solstice flower arrangements.

Since then I have been pretty much hibernating in the earth, re-sourcing for the time when the new buds and shoots emerge.

I have been blessed to meet some wonderful people this year and I look forward to spending more time with you in 2009!

Let me know what you think of this blog as a communication medium, send a comment so I know this thing works!!

Wishing you all conscious dreaming for the coming year

in munay



6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi Rosalind. Read everything now digesting it all. How do you make it snow on your blog????

    Happy new year.


  2. Hmm, afraid its not me that makes it snow its wordpress and they switch it off tomorrow which is a bit disappointing! Happy new year!!!

  3. What a whirlwind!!! Glad you’ve made so many choices that feel right to you and looks like you’ve been really courageous to follow the path that you have, in the way that you’ve chosen to do it. At work so will have to go sit with clients but thanks 4 sharing that. Fee xx
    P.S Won’t forget the healing at resi!!! Was fab! xx

  4. Hey, I am so pleased to have been part of your journey, I have never forgotten your role as my daughter, how intense eh!! and the way you gave me the opportunity to open the shamanic gate to her………. I have seen you grow so much since the summer, its been a pleasure reading all your postings and I so look forward to reading more of them here.

    muchos besos

    CAROL x

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